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ISTE Standards and My Classroom

on October 5, 2014

This week we learned about the ISTE standards and were asked to take a self-assessment. In taking this assessment, I became very aware of two basic truths about my classroom:

1. I use technology daily to provide information to my students.

2. My students rarely use technology in creative and collaborative ways .

Those two truths are ones that I have been thinking about for quite a while. As a teacher, I use technology daily; I…

1. Prepare all direct instruction/group work/partner activity instruction in PowerPoint, using colors, size, fonts, images and funny images in order to make the information engaging and accessible to all learners (including IEP, ELL, 504, gifted, etc).

2. Use those PowerPoint presentations in ActiveInspire on my ActiveBoard and with my ActiveSlate so that I can interact with the contact as I teach it and move around the room allowing proximity to students as needed.

3. Save all lessons as PDFs, and post them to my Haiku site daily. This allows students to access information if they were absent, check it if they are unsure they took their notes correctly, and for parents or tutors to see the information as I presented it. I also add instructional videos and sites I find that I think will be helpful if students are stuck or want more information.

4. Create all homework and activities using a computer and with various software programs to allow students a multi-leveled and as engaging as possible homework assignment. Homework and activities are posted on the Haiku site, as well as completely worked out solutions so students are able to analyze their own mistakes and determine where their errors are.

5. Search for activities and instructional ideas to help make the ideas more or accessible for my students.

I’m pretty proud of the above work. It takes time and energy and I think overall, it makes my class better for my students on a regular basis. However, as I read through the ISTE standards, I realized there are many ways my students aren’t accessing the curriculum themselves in creative and collaborative ways. In my reflection on this, I decided to search and see what other teachers are doing to use technology in secondary math classrooms. One idea I found was the It’s A Party lesson plan. This lesson centers on solving multi-step equations, which is coming up in my Algebra 1 curriculum next week. After instruction, it has students work on a wiki to create equations and then solve each others’ equations. This activity seems like something I can easily do with the Haiku wiki options. I am considering implementing a wiki where students create and solve equations  in to my curriculum as a review activity for the end of this unit. I am hoping to find one activity for each unit to implement more student technology use and creation, and this seems like a good place to start.



One response to “ISTE Standards and My Classroom

  1. @techsavvylib says:

    Hi Mary – the party activity will be great! The wiki on Haiku should work, and your kids will have many chances to be creative. Thanks for your reflective thoughts.


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